Safety Policy 
(written by Nathan Ulmer, Hire Police Crisis Director)
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“Thank goodness it didn’t happen to us!” — This is one of the first thoughts that crosses our minds when we hear the news about losses from a natural disaster or the victims of a heinous crime. But you may be more vulnerable to harm than you realize if you are not properly prepared.

Safety should always be your first priority, and you can guarantee this by developing a robust Safety Policy. Your Safety Policy must be designed to adapt to multiple emergency scenarios and contain various rapid responses for them. An effective policy will enhance your safety by minimizing the opportunities for a situation to escalate out of control, and by teaching you how to help yourself and others if the scenario reaches a critical point.

Developing and implementing a sound Safety Policy will not only provide you with the necessary response to survive an emergency situation at work or at home, but it should be flexible enough to apply the same principles anywhere else an incident arises. Proper safety training teaches real-life skills, granting you the ability to use your knowledge and training anywhere and at any time, giving you the tools to stay safe no matter where you are.

Developing a Safety Policy

When a dangerous situation arises, the ideal scenario is to have trained armed security on site to provide the necessary security response to the problem at hand. By having an expert on site, you can be assured that the best possible decisions are being taken by an experienced individual with your safety as their priority. Dangerous incidents usually create a tense environment in which a lot of people panic, resulting in poor decision making or even collective hysteria, especially if a big group of people perceives themselves to be in danger and have not been trained to respond appropriately. Having a trained professional on hand to resolve the situation has a calming effect that only expert protection can provide. When you’re hiring security guard services, remember that experience and training are the difference between a contained threat and a tragedy. The presence of security guard services can be enough on its own to prevent an attack, with an armed professional deterring criminals from attacking your site. You should only consider security guard companies that employ law enforcement personnel. They are the most effective armed security available for hire, trained in both threat neutralization and taking control of any emergency that may arise.

The first priority of a Safety Policy is to safely and rapidly remove you and others from the danger. Putting as much distance between yourself and the problem is the best course of action, and allows you to seek medical attention if needed. However, it is not always possible or safe to escape, and you must assess if the optimal course of action is to hide or take cover instead. When a critical situation arises you must quickly and calmly identify and analyze the threat, and enact the best response available. For example, in an active shooter scenario, you must implement the ‘Run, Hide, Fight’ response. This is the law-enforcement advice to follow, with the responses listed in order of desirability. If possible you must extract yourself from the situation, making sure to keep your hands above or on your head to show you are unarmed. If you cannot escape, you must shelter in place and remain as quiet as possible. The very last resort and the least desirable option is to fight with whatever is at hand. From pens to hot coffee, you must make a last-ditch stand to save yourself. Proper safety training allows you take these kind of informed decisions which will maximize your chances of safely weathering an incident.

If you are a business owner, providing your staff with the tools to face a dangerous situation at work is no longer an option, but more of an obligation. Every employer has a moral and legal responsibility to keep their employees safe. Creating a safe and trusted working environment can only be achieved by providing everyone with the tools and knowledge that come with a Safety Policy. However, developing a Safety Policy is only the first step towards achieving your goals. It’s no use if your employees don’t have the plan memorized or know how to follow it. You must have mandatory drills to teach the basic knowledge and skills in case it ever needs to be put into practice.

Developing a Safety Policy might not seem to be an urgent matter for your company, especially if it’s a small business, but by doing so you are investing in the safety of you and your employees. What can be more important than that? Additionally, if you don’t take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of your workers and customers, you may be liable for damages if an incident occurs. The stress and financial burden of a lawsuit can easily bankrupt a company, especially when combined with the existing trauma of living through a serious incident. If you want to minimize your liability, hiring armed security guard services is hands-down the best option for any company. No matter how safe you think you think you are, having a properly protected business can save you a lot of trouble, and even your life.

Safety Policy Beyond the Office.

Unfortunate situations present themselves everywhere we go, no matter if its at work, in the street, or in our own homes. Even though a Safety Policy is designed for a specific place, the knowledge and skills that come with it are invaluable real-life techniques that can be applied everywhere you go. In today’s world, you never know when or where you will need them.

Learning how to face a dangerous situation calmly and effectively is one of the greatest benefits of devising a Safety Policy. Correctly identifying and analyzing the nature of an emergency is the foundation of your response to an incident, and lives may be lost if you aren’t thinking straight. The shock of a serious incident can freeze the thinking process of even the most stable person. In an emergency, you must be ready to act on your training without pausing. That is only possible if you have a well-rehearsed plan and the confidence that comes with it.

Understanding the importance of a Safety Policy is the first step towards building a safer environment in your workplace or your home, for yourself and others around you. The real-life skills and knowledge that come with proper safety training are invaluable and useful in ways we cannot imagine. We must remember that the best way to stay safe is by training ourselves, and to be prepared to take control of a situation if needed. A Safety Policy can help you protect yourself and your loved ones.

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